What are the advantages of an asphalt driveway?

Asphalt Paving Near me, Blacktop paving near me, Asphalt company near me
Asphalt Paving Near me, Blacktop paving near me, Asphalt company near me

Choosing the right material for your driveway is crucial for your home improvement.  We’ve compiled some of the advantages of an asphalt driveway below to help you make an informed decision.

Durable – With proper maintenance, asphalt has the potential to last for upwards of 30 years. Blacktop is far more flexible, and less prone to cracking in comparison to concrete.  This is a huge advantage in cold climates.

Quick Installation – When compared to concrete, asphalt dries in a flash. Concrete must cure before people can use it. Asphalt on the other hand is ready to drive on soon after pouring. This reduces the downtime before you can use your driveway, and saves you money on labor as well

Aesthetically pleasing – Blacktop’s color looks great in any Wisconsin season. It also provides the advantage of melting your snow more quickly in the winter months because of the way it absorbs and traps heat. When compared with concrete it has the advantage of one consistent surface as opposed to multiple slabs.  


Cost effective – An asphalt driveway is by no means the cheapest driveway option, but compared to concrete, it’s budget friendly. Concrete driveways cost $4 to $16 per square foot, while asphalt driveways cost $3 to $13.  This difference may not seem like a lot, but when applied to a 100 square foot driveway, the cost becomes more noticeable.

Easy to repair – If your driveway cracks, you want to be able to make repairs to prevent further damage. Asphalt is easy to repair because of the materials it’s made of. You can apply tar to seal off cracks and prevent water from freezing and thawing and destroying your driveway. Concrete is more prone to cracking in the first place, and those cracks are a time consuming process to patch.

Choosing the right building material is crucial when building a new home or updating your current driveway. Asphalt provides an advantage over both gravel and concrete in that it is more durable, and easier to repair. An asphalt driveway also provides value in that it makes your property look better than concrete or gravel do.

Mid State Asphalt offers different types of asphalt installation for different applications. We have cold and hot mix asphalt options to meet your needs and ensure a durable installation that lasts. We also work closely with our clients to learn their needs provide them with a beautiful new driveway.

Asphalt Paving Near me, Blacktop paving near me, Asphalt company near me
Asphalt Paving Near me, Blacktop paving near me, Asphalt company near me

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