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Mid-State Asphalt offers specialized paving specifically designed to withstand higher loads. Typical applications include areas with heavy livestock traffic or areas exposed to heavy machinery. Looking for a silage pad or feed pad? We offer those services as well.

Choosing the right paving contractors for your farm can make daily tasks a whole lot easier. Farmers who have utilized our paving service have seen time and energy saved in their barns, feedlots, and silos alike.

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About our agricultural asphalt solutions


Explore the positive applications of asphalt in agriculture! From durable farm roads and parking areas to loading docks and erosion control solutions, asphalt offers versatile benefits on the farm. Discover how asphalt can enhance efficiency, reduce soil erosion, and provide stable surfaces for various agricultural activities. Whether it’s constructing runways for aerial spraying or creating clean livestock areas, asphalt proves to be a valuable asset in promoting sustainability and productivity in agricultural settings. Uncover innovative uses, such as feed pads and silage pads, and learn how asphalt contributes to a well-maintained and efficient farming environment. Embrace the benefits of asphalt in agriculture while considering sustainable practices and adhering to local regulations.

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Longer Lasting & Versatile Asphalt solutions

When building a feedlot or silo, choosing the right paving contractors and materials is imperative.  Asphalt is used for a multitude of agricultural applications including cattle feedlots, barn floors, greenhouse floors, and silos.

The US Department of Agriculture has determined that asphalt flooring “is acceptable for use in storage pads for agricultural commodities.” In other words, if you’re planning on building a silo, or other feed storage container, it’s acceptable to make the base out of asphalt, and you’ll see benefits far into the future choosing asphalt over concrete. Asphalt has proven to be more resilient than concrete in silage bunker silos and storage pads, as the acidity of the runoff may eat the concrete surface.  Choose the right surface for your feedlots and silo pads, and choose the best paving contractors around, Mid-State Asphalt.

Learn more here: USDA Ruling on the use of Asphalt in Silos


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